10 Type Of People To Avoid On The Road To Success


The type of people we choose to surround ourselves with have a great deal of impact on our lives and it’s always advisable to surround ourselves with people who help us be better than our former selves.

Close relationships that seem to do more harm than good greatly affect our ability to focus and break even when we set out to accomplish tasks.

Most successful people had done a great deal of work in keeping their circle as small as possible to accommodate just the people who affect their lives positively.

In order to get closer to your goals, you will need to completely avoid the kind of relationships that ruins your chances of reaching your goals.

They might be our close friends or family or work for us or might even be sharing the same home with us, whichever the case if you want to push forward you have got to call it quit and get your life back on track.

Here are 10 type of people to avoid when looking to be successful.

1. Party Starters/Night Crawlers.

These are those friends and associates who can’t seem to pass a day without hitting the bar or night clubs, they live for the nightlife.

There is no disputing that it is occasionally advisable to unwind and be socially inclined as possible but making a habit of engaging in ” the night patrol of the city scenes” is no way going to get you closer to achieving your goals.

Have a strict stand on partying and only hit the bars or night clubs when there is a tangible reason to do so.

2. Doubters.

These “subtle bunch” may give you all the listening ears of the world but when it comes to believing in your ability to achieve your goals they are the first to tell you that it is not really a good idea.

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we often might win, by fearing to attempt”

                       – William Shakespeare –


Most of the time these people don’t even see the potentials in their own ability and keeping them around you will affect your driving force.

Associate with people who clearly see the potentials in your ability and inspire you to do better things.

3. Complainers/Wailers.

These set of people always complain about how bad and unfair life is treating them.

They constantly complain about life, work or anything that seems to bother them without making the needed efforts to make things work better for them.

Been in a close relationship with this kind of person have a negative influence on your motivation and there are high chances that with time you’ll get influenced by their negative thinking which can affect your ability to focus on reaching your goals.

4.  Addicts ( if you have a history of drug or substance abuse).

If you are seriously looking to completely come out of drug abuse or alcohol addiction then you have got to run away from friends and “buddies” still engaging in such activities.

The fact still remains that drug abuse or alcohol addiction have a negative influence on your ability to focus and make decisions that will affect your life positively.

If you have decided to take the bold step and completely ignore addiction then you need to avoid close friends who still engage in the act.

5. The Settlers.

The settlers are people who are okay just the way they are, they have no form of aspiration and are comfortable in any kind of situation they find themselves in life.

” When life gives you lemons make lemonade “

Elbert Hubbard – 

No matter the circumstances we find ourselves in life we always have the power in us to effect the needed change we desire to make things work.

As a person who is clearly focused on achieving your dreams, you need to avoid people who are okay living the average life, the kind that takes you further away from reaching your goals.

6. The Lazy Bunch.

If you live or work with these set of people then you will occasionally have to be giving second chances due to their inability to perform task or duties perfectly.

Hard work or Smart work is a prerequisite for success and as they say “there is no food for the lazy man” and the sooner you do away with lazy associates and be in the company of goal oriented and hard working people the sooner you begin to realize your goals.

7. The Extravagant/Materialistic kind.

People who place a lot of importance on material possessions or tend to spend more than they earn never get a handle on their finances and as a result always run into debts.

They just have to buy the latest gadgets or gears even when they cannot afford it.

There are a lot of important things in life that matter more than material things, and hanging around materialistic people will greatly influence your ability to focus on what’s more important for your personal development and also impact negatively on your personal finances.

8. Liars.

Imagine having to rely on counsel from a lying tongue that could negatively affect your decision making because their opinions were based on false assertions that would not yield the desired result.

Liars are a cog in your wheel of progress and if you want to be successful surround yourself with trustworthy people who value honesty.

9. Envious/jealous people

People who reek of envy and jealousy are never happy for your success they always want what you have and are willing to do anything to ensure you never come out successful.

” The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch “

                              – Jim Rohn –

If these people are in your close circle it may be difficult to note them because most times they sing your praises in your presence and plot your downfall in your absence.

Keep a close eye on the people in your inner circle and severe ties with people who are not happy when you make a difference.

10. The parasites

These people are only in your life because of what they stand to gain from associating with you.

They offer no form of contribution to your success and only seek to use you to acquire their selfish desires.

The need to be surrounded with people who are positively motivated and who share the same vision to succeed as you do is a must if you are serious with achieving your goals.

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