8 Great Ways To Make Her Birthday Special


When it comes to pleasing the ones we love, we owe it to them to go to any length just to show how important they are to us.

365 days in a year and one day every guy needs to put in mind is her birthday, if you are looking to keep her around for a long time try not to forget her birthday.  while every other day still counts, birthdays are seen as the right avenue to show her how glad you are to have her  in your life.

Romantic experiences last for a long time and are more than memorable to both men and women alike. Her birthday is a good occasion to sweep her off her feets and also leave you  with yet another memorable romantic experience as study shows that men are as romantic as women 

You don’t necessarily need to break the bank to prove your love , just stick to something that will be romantic for her and comfortable with your financial status.

Is her birthday around the corner?


Here are 8 great ways to make her birthday special.


1. Give Her A Special Shopping Experience.

You can collaborate with the management of the shopping mall you intend taking her to and plan how you intend to give her a well deserved birthday.

You can have a band walk in as she starts looking around and play her favorite song- ensure the management are carried along and tell everyone to wish her a happy birthday as she moves around.


2. Take It To The Work Place

Does she have to go to work on her birthday? Yes, she can! You can still take the action to her workplace.

If you can, enlist the support of her friends and close associates and let them know how you intend planning a little surprise for her and make sure they keep it a secret from her.

On the D-day, show up with a cake and some drinks and give her a surprising treat in the office.


3. You Can Just Stay Indoors

You both can spend the whole day in each others company.

Spice it up further by giving her a day off from all domestic chores with you doing all the chores for the day.

Giving her a no stress day on her birthday will send the message that she means a lot to you.


4. Why Not Write A Love Song Just For Her And Sing It To Her On Her Birthday.

This is truly romantic, especially if she is into music. Compose a song just for her and perform it on her birthday.

Try not to go off key and even if you do the fact that you went through the stress of writing her a song will certainly take her breath away.


5. Engage In Round The Clock Gifting.

Women really like getting gifts, from perfumes to jewelry- no matter how cheap or expensive the gift may be, it clearly proves to them that they are appreciated.

You can give her a gift every 3 or 4 hours throughout the day, this will amount to about 5 gifts at the end of the day.


6. A Romantic Getaway.

Another way to make her special by taking her for a romantic trip out of town just for the both of you. Spice it up with

Spice it up with a candlelight dinner, a walk along the beach or a visit to a monumental figure. This unusual sight seeing is sure to make her feel on top of the world.


7. Breakfast In Bed Still Works Magic.

On her day, as she wakes up, give her a breakfast treat that she won’t forget in a hurry.

spice it up with a surprise gift after the meal- you can include this if you intend to spend the day indoors.


8. Throw Her A Birthday Party With A Theme.


A well planned themed party will definitely blow her mind.

you could introduce dress codes, a touch of colors or a costume party.

If you are not good at planning parties, engage the services of a professional party planner to put together a wonderful birthday experience for the one you love.


9.  make her a painting or large potrait of her favourite photo 

remember romantic experiences are memorable to women than they are to men.  Again in my own opnion. imagine a large painting or potrait of her favourite photo. There are a few talented artiste


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