Simple Ways Social Media Can Help You Grow Your Business.


Surprisingly, a lot of businesses (mostly local and small scale), are yet to come onboard the social media train.

The fact is that in the world today there are over 3.5 billion internet users and over 80% of these users have active social media accounts.
For some, they lack the right strategy to run their business online. They create a social media account and never invest in keeping it alive.

If you lack the time or skills to successfully promote your business online, for a cheap fee you can hire a social media expert to help grow your business online.
Still not on board yet?
Here are simple ways social media can help grow your business online.

1. Enables You Gain Better Customer Insight.


Every day there are billions of interactions across social media platforms (facebook, twitter, Instagram e.t.c).
These interactions avail you the opportunity to better understand your customers – what they like and their true opinion about your brand.
Through this customer feedback, you get to make better business decisions to better serve your customers.
2. Increase Your Business Profile And Brand Awareness.


With an established social media presence, it becomes very easy for potential customers to connect with you.
By connecting with customers online (from shares and likes) it enables you to increase your brand awareness and business profile.
3. Builds Customer Trust And Loyalty.


If you have a brand or service that greatly serves your customer needs, not only will they help in promoting your business online ( shares, likes, comment) but it also helps build customer trust and loyalty about your services.
4. Build Business Relationship.


By promoting your goods and services online, it creates an opportunity to meet other businesses offering similar or different services, or even meet loyal customers who trust your services, which by so doing can help foster business relationships.
5. Helps You Keep Tabs On The Competition.


Social media monitoring can afford you an opportunity to keep tabs on the activities of your competition which can enable you to gather necessary pieces of information that can enable you to improve your services to stay ahead of the competition.
6. Increases Search Rankings And Website Traffic.


The higher the social media interactions (shares, likes, comments) between customers about your business, the higher the potentials of increasing your search rankings and website traffic.
7. Enables You To Share Content Faster (Marketing Tool).


Social media serves as a real-time marketing tool.
In the past, before the introduction of social media, the burden was on the marketers to fashion out ways to make sure their contents get to potential customers as quickly as possible.
With a well managed social media account, your content can get to your customers as soon as they are created.
8. Target Specific Audience Based On Location.


Based on demographic and geographic parameters you can target contents for a specific audience in a specific location.

This enables you to reach out to a specific audience in a particular location about your business and services.

From the benefits above, there is no doubt that social media is a necessary tool for every business that wants to be relevant in today’s business environment (both online and offline).


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