6 super strange superstitions around the world

Many of us still believe in some form of superstition that may seem bizarre to others- but to us they may offer some form of precautionary measure to help avoid unforeseen disasters.

For some of us there is something about Friday the 13th, that send shivers down our spine. Although, in the modern society today, a lot of us do not really dwell on this superstitious believes.

However, whether you believe in it or not here are 6 super strange superstitious believes around the world.


1 . The myths about eclipses

In China during a solar eclipse everything practically come to a halt- all activities are grounded throughout the whole period, with everybody staying indoors. They strongly believe that during a solar eclipse the period of darkness is associated with negative spirits that can cause sickness and bring bad luck.

In ancient times the vikings believed that two giant wolves chased after the sun and the moon, and a solar eclipsed occurred when they finally caught up with the sun and moon.

In ancient China, it was believed that a flying dragon trying to swallow the sun is the cause of the blackout experienced during a solar eclipse.


2. If you walk by a grave yard you must hide your thumb.

In Japan, if you attend a funeral, or walk by a graveyard or a hearse you must tuck in your thumbs to protect your parents from death. The Japanese translation for thumb means parent finger. So it’s ideal to always tuck in your thumb when you pass by a grave yard to protect ones parents from death.

3. If a bird defecate on you- you will be rich.

In Russia and most part of the world, it is a sign of good omen for a bird to defecate on you or your property. They see bird poo as a sign of wealth, and it being rained down from above is a sign that showers of financial blessing has been poured down on you by birds of the air and you should be expecting riches.

4. That sudden awkward silence means an angel is passing by.

Ever been in a serious conversation or in a noisy room, and for no reason there is that “still wind” of awkward silence that is short lived that suddenly envelops the whole room. During this awkward silence it is believed that an angel is passing by and commands the silence for a smooth passage.

5. The brides wedding veil

Why most people think that the wedding veil on the bride at a wedding symbolizes purity and chastity, to others this is not the case. In the past it was mandatory for a bride to hide her face from her groom and also from evil forces that may be lurking around to wreck her marriage. A veil over her head will distract evil forces looking for the bride.

6. Opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck too.

It is believed that to open an umbrella indoors is to open a storm of bad luck upon ones self. In the past it was an insult to the sun god to open an umbrella inside the house. This insult was followed by a rain of bad luck on you and your household. Also it is believed that there are guardian spirits around the home who become offended when you open an umbrella indoors.



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