9 Absurd Reasons Why Men Cheat


It’s no news that men cheat. As a matter of fact, men have been cheating on their partners since the existence of relationships.

Not all men cheat, and even with all the romance and hard work you put into stopping your man from cheating if he is the type that cheats he is still certain to do so.

Still wondering why men cheat?

Here are 9 absurd reasons why men cheat.


1. They Are “Men” And They Can Do Whatever They Like.

Some men stick to the right that as men they can choose to have numerous sex partners. They claim it is a normal struggle every man has to deal with. “Why starve yourself when you can have them all”.


2. They Avoid Commitment.

Most men find it difficult to be in total sincerity to one particular woman. They distance themselves from their partners by cheating on them with someone else because of the fear of being let down or getting hurt.


3. They Crave For “Better Intimacy”.

Most men feel the need to find intimacy outside of their normal relationship. Some due to the fact there lack the intimacy they need in the relationship, they just prefer to look for it outside instead of calling it quit. While for some, no matter how intimate you can be, they are just not satisfied and will still cheat.


4. They Need To Be In Control.

Men always crave to be in charge of every situation at all times; including their partner. For some men, they “take control” by cheating on their partner. This gives them the feeling that they are in control of the relationship.


5. Just Because They Can Easily Get Away With It.

Most men feel that they can easily get away with infidelity, probably because they committed the crime before and got away with it. Some may just want to try it out and see if they can get away with it.


6. They Need A Variety.

Men can be in love with their partners and still crave the need to cheat on them; reasons being that they need to explore other women out there. Being with one sexual partner is just too scary and they frequently relieve this scare by frolicking with other women.


7. Cheating Boost His Ego.

The whole thrill of starting a relationship, numerous dates until he finally gets into her panties is a big boost to his ego. Most men in relationships get too familiar with their partner that they sometimes give into the urge to seek something attractive, and once a lady gives him the go ahead it gives his ego a boost.


8. They Have Fallen Out Of Love.

This is one of the very reasons why men cheat. Just like women, men too can fall out of love with their partner and still remain in the relationship. For some reasons like the children, financial reasons or even because they just don’t want to break their partner’s heart, they will keep a happy face when around their partner while they get the love they need elsewhere.


9. He Wants Revenge.

If you’ve cheated on your man before or he just suspects that you are cheating, there is the likelihood that he will want to get back at you by cheating on you;  it doesn’t have to be with your sister or anyone you know, as long as he  gets his revenge, he is cool with it.



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